I am currently Professor at the University of Poitiers (PR1) and Researcher at the Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes (Archivos, UMR-8132, Paris).

My academic background is in Literature and Hispanic studies (Spanish and Spanish American studies), with a particular focus on creative processes (genetic criticism studies) and Digital Humanities.

My scientific research focuses on cultural transferts, circulation of literature, arts and ideas between Europe (Spain, France) and the “Rio de la Plata” during the major conflicts and crises of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Currently, I’m working on new tipologies for archives and manuscripts’ studies assisted with computer methods, on automatic detection of profiles of cultural transferts’ mediators and the specifities of writings under constraints.




HDR – “Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches”*** in Hispanic Literatures from University Angers.
Dissertation : Angers (France), December 8, 2014. Board of examiners : Karim Benmiloud (Profesor, University of Montpellier), Raúl Caplan (Profesor, University of Université Angers), Pierre-Marc De Biasi (Directeur de recherches CNRS, Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes), Milad Doueihi (Profesor, University of Laval, Québec, Canada/University of Paris Sorbonne, Paris, France, Norah Dei Cas (Profesor, University of Lille, France), Erich Fisbach (Profesor, University of Angers, France – Guarant).

Works presented:

  • book titled “Carlos Liscano: witing under constraints”
  • essay titled “Interdisciplinarity and Digital Humanities”.

***The HDR is a second PhD, it’s necessary in France to supervise Doctoral thesis and to apply to a Professor position.

PhD in Spanish Literature from University of Lille.
Dissertation’s defense took place in Lille on December 8, 2005. Title: “José Mora Guarnido, a writer between two worlds”. Faculty of Hispanic Literature, University of Lille, France. PhD’ supervisers : Norah Dei Cas (Profesor of Latin American literature, University of Lille, France) and Danièle Miglos (Profesor of Spanish literature, University of Lille, France). Bord of examiners : Rose Duroux (Profesor Spanish literature, University of Clermont Ferrand, France), Jocelyne Bourligueux (Profesor Spanish literature, University of Nantes, France), Christian de Paepe (Profesor Spanish literature, University of Louvain, Belgium).


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Professor in Hispanic Literatures & Digital Humanities at Literature & Langages Faculty of
University of Poitiers in France


Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Hispanic Literature and Languages. Faculty of Languages and Literature, University of Littoral Lille Nord de France (ULCO) in France.

Spanish teacher at University of Lille in France

Spanish teaching position in Secondary Education in France

Spanish teaching, Secondary Education, Lycée Français de Madrid in Spain.